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About Kutiq

Kutiq is a local factory that works directly with the weavers of the Andes, we also have a group of farmers in Maranpaki community that is located on the slopes of the sacred mountain of Ausangate who take care of the alpacas.

We are direct producers of alpaca wool, this is our raw material, then we spin it, we dye it with natural dyes using plant leaves, flowers, seeds, stems, roots. We also use some minerals and insects to be able to bring out a variety of colors

As direct producers, we distribute our alpaca crafts to different stores that sell baby alpaca wool fabrics.
Now if you would like to work with us or you have your own shop in any part of the world, contact us through the emails or phones that appear below.

Our Main Officce: APV. Capac Yupanqui B-4 – Wanchaq (In front of  Velasco Astete Airport) – Cusco – Peru
Phone numbers: (+51) 962 043 189
E-mails: [email protected] or  [email protected]
Web site:

EMERGENCY NUMBER: +51 962043189 (24/7)

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