Fabrication Processes

Three methods of weaving with baby alpaca wool


Woven traditionally by hand using needles or tools made from very resistant sticks. This process produces more fluffy and artistic finishes in sweaters, scarves, gloves, etc. But in blankets, runners, ponchos, bags, etc. the finish is much more finest, artistic with many Andean iconographies and of course, demands more work and talent.

Artisanal Machine

While still completely made by hand, a manual machine is used to create tighter stiches and patterns. This process is typically used for larger items like sweaters, capes, and ponchos. Some hats and scarves are made this way as well.

Industrial Machine

This approach is used to create the tightest stitches and the smoothest products available. Many of the patterns and products produced wouldn’t be possible by hand. This process is typically sourced from the big companies in Lima and Arequipa.

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